Artistree gallery stocks a small, but varied specialist range of finishing products and tools. These products will appeal to the professional and hobbyist wood worker, but are also suitable for other artists and applications. For some of these products we are the only local supplier in Far North QLD.

Merlin tool

From King Arthur tools. “The world’s smallest chainsaw” with long neck angle grinder. An uniquely versatile small power tool which carves, cuts, shapes, sands, polishes, de-burrs all in one. For woodworking, bovine and equine hoof trimming, taxidermy, vet care, metal working, hebel carving and much more.

Livos natural oil finishes

Can be used for artistic woodworkers but also for finishing countertops, furniture, flooring, not only in timber but concrete, ply, slate, plaster, bricks, cork and so on. Made without harmful chemicals, Livos products contain only biologically and environmentally responsible ingredients.

U-Beaut oils and waxes and sanding products

A versatile family of finishes developed primarily for the turning market, these combine high-melt-temperature waxes with a modified shellac base for good resistance to wear, water, alcohol and heat. Abrasive discs are manufactured in Japan by Noretake Coated Abrasives. This is sandpaper technology at its finest. Our tests have it conservatively lasting up to as much as 10 times longer than conventional sandpaper in the same grit range. It cuts faster, runs cooler and resists loading better. For use on Velcro faced 50mm and 75mm sanding heads.

CMI clock parts, movements, hands & full face inserts

A varied range of parts for creating new clocks or for repairing old favourites.

Pfeil chisels

High quality, precision sharpened chisels. Can be used for a range of carving projects, not just for wood but also lino etc. Having the right tools to work with will reduce the degree of difficulty in mastering the techniques and reduce frustration.