Collection: Anthony Kruck

Anthony's love for working in wood started at high school. The subject he enjoyed most was Manual Arts and he began learning how to turn his continual flow of artistic ideas into handmade creations. By the age of 20, he had already started collecting timber and had purchased his first lathe.

The years of apprenticeship and work as a diesel fitter, marriage and children, meant that wood working, collecting and milling timber became "squeezed in", but remained his passion.  Many after-hours were spent in the shed creating; and many a day off spent hunting salvaged timber. 

Some years ago, Anthony and his family relocated to the Tablelands and he decided to work doing what he loves most, making timber his full-time career. Our own Art Gallery has been the next natural progression in the story. We designed and built the building for this purpose and opened the doors of Artistree Gallery, Yungaburra, on 30th June 2014. 

Wood is a very tactile medium and Anthony takes a lot of care with his finishes so that others can also enjoy the "feel" of timber, as well as the visual created by the natural colours and grains. He takes care in finding beautiful form and shape that will enhance each individual piece. There is alway a thrill in stripping back an old weathered bit of wood to expose its natural beauty. 

Anthony enjoys all forms of timber art. He turns, carves/sculpts and makes furniture. With every piece he creates - It is always about the timber.