Collection: Annette Tranter

Annette has a deep grounding in stoneware ceramics and pottery, being trained

during the 1970’s when “The Craft Movement” was dominated by pottery. She says

I still remember, as if yesterday, first seeing a potter working on the wheel. I was in awe of the art form and was instantly totally besotted with clay and fire.

Annette has completed studies for a Certificate III in Studio Ceramics and a Diploma of Visual Arts

Now working full time at her ceramic studio, “Bundarra Pottery“, in Malanda, she creates ceramic art works  inspired by the natural environment and colours of the tropical Atherton Tablelands and tropical North Queensland.  Annette’s first passion as a ceramic artist is creating sculptures and individually crafted artistic pots. Gifted with a strong sense of design she decorates her work with imaginative and intricate carvings and hand painted motifs. Being trained as a disciplined production potter, Annette continues to present quality hand thrown tableware that is functional, yet her glazes and form create individuality. 

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