Collection: Leanne Ames

Leanne Ames began using natural dyes in Tasmania, using the leaves and twigs of the Tasmanian bush and now divides her time between Tas and FNQ.

She loves the rawness, the texture and flexibility of natural fibres and materials; They’re grown from the earth and they will, if left to the environment, return to the earth.

The natural dye process is another realm, with the use of fire, the preparation of the fire, an art form of its own, the gathering, drying of the plant material and extraction of the dyes. Then the dying itself, mixing of mordants, all very grounding, connecting…

“My inspiration comes from the wilderness, old growth forests, and the balance found there ….and as I practice my creativeness through knotting, weaving and dyeing.  I feel connected to a very ancient past, that is, elusive, spiritual and a wonder.”             

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